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May 16

"Prison Creating Monsters" Mom of escapee


Anna Johnson said that based on the information she had received from her son, the situation at the prison as not a pleasant one.

She said society needed to “allow these young people…give them some hope. I am not saying that if you do something, you should go unpunished, but we are going about it the wrong way. We are creating more monsters than we can ever know”.

She said: “You can’t be in a 10 X 10 cell with eight people and smelling faeces all day and have a natural, normal mind…”.

Anna Johnson said that judges and magistrates, who are meant to uphold the law, would never allow their children to endure that.

Everyone complains about crime and everyone complains about how prison makes criminals worse. This isn't surprising. What is surprising is that I don't hear much about prison reform. Then again spending millions of dollars to make criminals make comfortable sounds like a plan that would make you lose more votes than you gain.

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  • Everyone that I talk to about my podcast always asks me two questions 1. How do I start my own podcast? 2. How much does it cost? It seems that many people are very interested in the idea of having their own podcast but feel intimidated by the expected financial and time requirements. Others (like me) are both willing and able but have no idea where to start. It took me roughly six months to go from wanting to start a podcast to publishing my first episode, mostly because I had to figure all of it out as I went along, so, in an effort to save future podcasters from the hassle and time wastage that I went through I thought I would include everything that I have learned here to help others over those first few hurdles and get Trinidad and Tobago into podcasting for good. Most of this is off the top of my head so I will keep updating this as I discover new things. Feel free to add to it in the comments below. What do I need to start my own podcast? 1. Recording equipment (video recording optional) 2. Editing software (video editing software optional) 3. Podcast Host with RSS feed (If you don't have an RSS feed then you don't have a podcast) Each section is covered in a separate comment below so help keep comments organised.
  • Saw the following post on for Mental Awareness Week. Thought it would be good info people to have. I know there is still a stigma attached to mental health issues in Trinidad and Tobago. I thought this information would be good to have handy. 1. Anna McCartney MSc, Counselling Pyschologist. Anna deals with a wide range of topics including anxiety, depression and trauma. Location: Hunter Street, Woodbrook. Contact number: 352-6625. 2. Dr. Krystal Jane Versammy covers depression, anxiety, panic disorders, interpersonal relationship difficulties, personality disorders, child sexual abuse and much more. Location: petit Bourg. Contact number: 352-4233. 3. Nicholas Voisin, MSc – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Original Pain Therapy (OPT), mindfulness, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse. Contact number: 780-0703. 4. Reahana Mohammed, M.Sc . Clinical Psychology. Deals with anger management; stress management; CBT; Addiction Therapy. Location: Cross Crossing Medical Centre in San Fernando. Contact number: 722-2595 5. Vicky De Freitas - Co-dependency, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, bipolar disorder, obsessive, compulsive disorders, grief. Location: 20 Damian Street, Woodbrook. Contact number: 366-0843 (mobile) or 222-4041. 6. Douglas and Associates - psychological and counselling services. Located in St Augustine. Contact number: 662-0155 website: 7. Analisa Wittet, Neuropsychologist. Disorders (ADHD), all Neurological Conditions, Brain Injury, Emotional Problems (depression, anxiety). Office Address: Bergerac Road, Maraval. Contact number: 776-1494 8. Dr Karen Moore, PHD, Clinical Child Psychologist. Custody and access evaluations for Court, parent education, trauma work, esp. child sexual abuse. Office Address: #14 Hilltop Drive, Champs Fleurs. Contact number: 662-2082 9. Lydia Mouget, Clinical Psychologist. Psycho-educational evaluations, play therapy, CBT, parenting including co-parenting. Office Address: Charlieville Chaguanas; Union Hall Gardens, La Romaine. Contact number: 799-0225 10. Kenrica Baptiste, Occupational Therapist. Tobago. Contact number: 730-0383 11. Isolde Ali-Ghent, Psychologist. Location: 46 Brunton Road, Apt. Front, St.James. Contact number: 628-4956 / 620-8032 For persons who cannot afford bi-monthly therapy, understand you are entitled to help by the state and sub-organisations designed to protect your mental health. Check out The Ministry of Health has also set up a mental health programme for low-income households who need access to help, counselling and medication - Also, check out: 1. Community Mental Health and Wellness Centre (San Juan) - 638-8562 2. Chaguanas Mental Health Centre - 665-8393 3. Child Guidance Clinic (Port of Spain) - 623-2348 4. Elder Associates. Picton Street, POS. 622-6594 (24hr hotline) Here’s also the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Services Directory - It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and we just wanted to say - even if people don't know it or don't see it, remember you are amazing and strong and you will get through this.
  • Recently there was an interview held by TV6 about the helicopter crash. The interview was held with a mute and there were many people who voiced their displeasure about it. Will topics on disabilities and special needs treatment in Trinidad be discussed.